Remodeling the Kitchen

    We are halfway through now. We replaced all the appliances with very modern white ones. The cement counters need to be stained, sealed, and trimmed with their decorative terra cotta tiles. The cabinets will have new wrought iron handles. The floor will be terracotta saltillo-like tile with the outdoor patio in the same tile but larger pieces.
    Below are the "before" and "midway" pictures. Soon there will be "after" pictures we hope. Click on any photo to get a larger version in a separate window.



Janet in the old Kitchen
New Kitchen Apr02
    We got rid of the stove, the brick facing, the top wood molding, and the upper cabinets on the North wall (wall in center of picture). We painted everything white. We added a little bay herb window (it has the mountain view) and moved the refrigerator to the right side of the window. We had a skylight put in to add more natural light.
OldKitchen2.JPG KitchenInProgress2.JPG
    We had new cabinets built on the South wall with recycle bins for the big bags of dog food and the recycling. The old movable cabinets became the new cook island which will have a gas cooktop. We put in a new wonderful modern electric self-cleaning oven that preheats to the exact temperature where the laundrey machines used to be. We moved the laundrey room (its now behind doors in the new master bath in space that used to be a hall).
OldKitchen3.JPG KitcheninProgress4.JPG
    We ripped out the heating and utility closet and refrigerator box that were on the West wall (left in the pictures) and made it just wall (it will be covered with my Japanese prints). This made the room big enough for the cook island, as well as adding light from the windowed door.

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