On Sunday October 29, 2000
Steve Cooper and Kitty Munson
were married in East Hampton, NY

Click on any line below to get a photo album page of pictures. Clicking on any small picture will get a larger picture in a new window. You can then save a copy on your computer by clicking "save as" on the file menu. Put them on a floppy and take them to Walmart to make real prints or try one of the online sites listed below. A print made on a color printer will only last for a year or two and needs special paper to look best. Photo printers are getting cheaper and cheaper though.

- photo by Paul Bethe

Pictures of the Shipley Munsons before the ceremony
Posed photos of us with the best man Dave, RJ, Karen and Alex, and Stasi
Pictures from the receiving line
Pictures of our friends at their tables
Pictures of family and my parent's friends at their tables
Pictures of family dancing
Pictures of friends dancing
Pictures during Dad's speech and Paul and Laura's song
Other pictures from the reception
Pictures from the wedding ceremony (previously posted)

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If anyone uses any of these, please let me know if you were happy with the result. I have not tried any of them myself.

Our new address is:

801 Carlisle Blvd SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

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